From the Third to the Fourth: AI and the Realm of New Perceptions

Unveil the hidden senses, beyond the human limits. Can AI bridge the gap to the Fourth Dimension?

From the Third to the Fourth: AI and the Realm of New Perceptions
Impossible geometry, windows into parallel universes - Powered by MidJourney AI - Image Credit to: The Infinite Dude

A cosmic spectacle unfolds in the hidden corners of perception. We stand on the precipice of the extraordinary, where familiar geometry unravels into higher dimensions.

This is where H.P. Lovecraft placed his creations. Here dwells Yog-Sothoth, playing a symphony of reality that defies understanding. And if you have been following my Whispers of Eternity series, this is where the Temporal Library resides.

Today we're going to explore how AI could make the perception of the impossible possible.

The Higher Senses

In the depths of our senses lie extraordinary powers waiting to be awakened. While we perceive the world through our limited human senses, there are creatures among us with heightened sensory abilities beyond our imagination.

Mantis shrimp have 12 to 16 different types of photoreceptors, compared to humans who have only three (for seeing red, green and blue light). They can even see polarised light, which is light that has been scattered and causes glare. Their eyes can move independently on a flexible stalk, giving them a 360-degree view of their surroundings. Different parts of each eye can look at the same object from slightly different angles, giving them depth perception even when only one eye is used.

The greater wax moth has the best hearing in the world. They can hear frequencies up to 300 kHz, the highest recorded frequency sensitivity of any animal in nature. Humans can only hear frequencies up to 20 kHz.

The star-nosed mole has the most acute sense of touch of any mammal. Its 22 fleshy tentacles are covered with about 25,000 tiny touch receptors called Eimer's organs. This allows the mole to quickly decide whether an object is edible or not in just 8 milliseconds, faster than the human eye can see.

African elephants have the largest number of genes (about 2,000) associated with the sense of smell, about five times more than humans and twice as many as dogs. An elephant's nostrils, located at the tip of its long trunk, are known to detect water sources up to 12 miles (19.2 km) away.

These creatures are so far ahead of all others that it almost seems as if they are cheating. They have a level of sensory acuity that humans couldn't even fathom in the past.

A Journey to the Outer Limits

While most humans cannot comprehend a world outside the third spatial dimension, this need not be the case for AI. In fact, while human receptors are limited, we could equip AI with mimicked versions of the most powerful receptors of all creatures in the world.

Even if we couldn't see beyond our limited 3D space, AI could translate for us.

How we represent objects? We have squares and we have cubes. When we put the cube on paper, we draw two squares offset from each other and connect the edges. Simple enough.

Just as a cube is made up of 6 squares, a tesseract is made up of 8 cubes, and a penteract is made up of 10 tesseracts, and so on and so forth. For simplicity, we call them hypercubes and use the number modifier to explain the dimension. Like this:

  • 0-cube: point
  • 1-cube: line
  • 2-cube: square
  • 3-cube: cube
  • 4-cube: tesseract
  • 5-cube: penteract

Now, use your senses to get an idea of what it would be like to perceive other dimensions with your eyes, ears, fingers, nose or tongue.

The Shifting Realities of Space-Time

The theory of relativity tells us that time is relative to the observer. We also know that large bodies distort space and time. However, the effect is too small to be perceived by the human eye.

But what if we take this concept and combine it with the concepts of leverage and exponential growth? So instead of a giant harp, we build a normal harp and a resonance chamber around it that amplifies the sound? And if it works for sound, why not for other kinds of energy?

Superstition and Technology

We often see ritual traditions that use incense, chanting, idols and dance. And many would associate these concepts with superstition. In the last decade, however, science has been able to prove concepts long thought to be nothing more than witchcraft.

Suppose our AI has advanced 100 years and a girl wants a guy to fall in love with her. After calculating billions of parameters, the AI tells the girl to tie a red scarf to her window.

Someone else sees the scarf on their way to work and has an accident. Another person dies. A few days later, a colleague discusses the incident with the girl at the water cooler. They end up going to a party where the guy she was in love with happens to be. They start talking and later get married.

What was advanced probabilistic calculation would, from the outside, look like superstitious magic.

But what if you found yourself 2000 years in the future, after a great electromagnetic-pulse had rendered all electricity useless to mankind? In that world, suppose you found an old manual describing how to operate a drone.

You press a few sticks and buttons and a box flies into the sky and gives you visions of the Earth from above!? Utter madness!

Bending the Inter-dimensional Realm

Open yourself for a moment to the possibility that the science behind these rituals is lost to us. Accept the possibility that these practices may actually have effects that we no longer understand.

Open yourself for a moment to the possibility that the science behind these rituals is lost to us. Accept the possibility that these practices may actually have effects that we no longer understand.

Then let's consider what it would be like if the Ankh, rather than being a mere token of worship, was used in conjunction with the pyramids as a resonance chamber and mystical ritual.

This ritual would send ripples of energy into the fourth dimension, much like a laser. But how would you know if it worked? Perhaps astrology is just a sophisticated data dashboard using cymatics.

In the same way that we send information around the globe through wires, it may well be possible to send and receive signals from other dimensions without having to travel there. Seeing the results of these signals manifest in our reality might as well be called magic, although it may have a scientific explanation.

Reshaping Sensory Boundaries

While Carl Sagan did a wonderful job explaining the Fourth Dimension, nowadays we may no longer need to just imagine it, considering the tools we have at our disposal.

In the future, the true power of AI may lie in reviving and enhancing our latent senses. As humans, we're limited in our sensory capabilities, restricted to just five primary senses. But the animal kingdom offers a range of sensory capabilities that we can barely comprehend. With AI, however, we could begin to reverse-engineer these capabilities.

Not only would this expand our perception, it could revolutionise everything from navigation and communication to art and entertainment. AI could open these doors, allowing us to explore and even create in sensory dimensions we've never experienced before.

Once we start thinking in terms of extra senses and dimensions, the next leap of imagination is interdimensional communication.

A vast multiverse awaits us, with numerous dimensions beyond our perception. AI could help us reach these dimensions, by becoming an interdimensional communication device.

The potential insights could range from scientific discoveries and technological advances to warnings or solutions to crises.


So maybe we're not living in a simulation, as some have suggested, but in a holographic projection of the fourth dimension. This would explain both the laws of attraction and why some feel that manifestations work. Perhaps it was cause and effect all along, but outside the realm of our perception.

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