The biggest AI challenge that nobody's talking about

In the age of AI, our greatest challenge isn't robots taking over; it's something far more subtle. Embrace the uncharted future.

The biggest AI challenge that nobody's talking about
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The world you live in has changed. It has changed since the beginning of the 20th century. It has changed since the beginning of the 21st century.

And some talk about change being the only constant, but change as the one before you, you have never had before, trust me on that. In all historical records, never did your forebears go through change as massive as that which lies before you.AI is about to eclipse all these perceived to be radical changes in society. The telephone, the car, the radio, the internet... all together combined, they all pale in comparison. Even as all of them have paved the way and made AI possible.

Understanding the AI Impact

You may wonder if this is that big challenge I spoke about? AI? Is that it? How novel... How cute...

Even right now, if you were to google "impact of AI on society", you'd find several dozen articles. Some doom and gloom articles, about how AI will usher in an era of Terminator robots that will exterminate you and throw you into pods. Or perhaps they tell you about how AI will bring about heaven on earth? Idyllic pictures, happy music, and dancing people.

No, that's not it.

AI is not close to creating anything on its own today. The current trend is not to replace employees with AI. Companies now look to hire something called "AI fluent workers". Employees that know how to leverage AI to get the job done. To oversee these departments they now hire Chief AI Officers (CAIO). So maybe the challenge is finding these people, or training existing staff to be AI fluent?

No, that's not it either.

Let's consider it for a moment. AI solutions as they are now, are still raw. They can produce amazing results, but calibrating the AI is as difficult as calibrating people to use the AI tools. This issue will vanish in a few years though, probably 5-10 years. People that work with AI everyday, will get there faster. Afterwards, things should calm down a bit, even as AI improvements continue.

Sure, there will be an impact on society, economy and culture. Something you can read more about here. But that's not it either.

So what is that big challenge?

The Unanticipated Challenge

Some say that technological advancements were predicted by great writers such as: Jules Verne, Arthur C Clarke, or Isaac Asimov. But what if they haven't predicted it at all? What if they have created it? Dreamed it? Shaped it?

If Star Trek has been the inspiration for most of the 21st century, then the bad news is that the runway of Star Trek innovation is about to run out.

A decade ago, if you wanted an artwork, you would have had to find someone to create it. Now you run a prompt and get multiple versions. It's an incredible service improvement. Perhaps we will see the rise of Prompt as a Service?

Back in the 00s, everything started to be described "as a service". Software as a Service, Publishing as a Service, Girlfriend as a Service, wait... that one... may be a bit older... but, I digress... Every business pain was described as a service.

But Pain-as-a-Service is about to die, and from its ashes will rise the new Pain-as-a-Prompt economy. Anything you ever desired, a mere prompt away. And once you can 2D, 3D & 4D print anything, what's the next frontier?

As all the science fiction gadgets and all your eternal desires are about to suffocate you. Can you imagine what lies beyond?

The the hopes and dreams that fuel the creative power of the human mind. To the AI, you must become a force to become reckoned with. Today, this is may be easy. Will it be easy tomorrow?

That... is the biggest challenge. AI will create everything faster than we can imagine it, and with no dreams left beyond our immediate whims, we risk becoming obsolete to the tools of our making.

Brainstorming through Lateral Thinking

Now some of you reading this may think to yourself, that maybe you're not so creatively inclined. But, there is a technique to come up with innovative and ground-breaking ideas. The person I learned this from claims it came from Buckminster Fuller, but I wasn't able to verify this. Thus, until I am confronted with a different term, I will call this technique: Divergent Opposite Brainstorming Enhancer (DOPE).

This is a simple exercise in lateral thinking. Consider something you believe to be true. List 10 opposites to it. including word-plays. For each of these opposites, do the same. It may take a few tries, but on occasion you will find something that is not an exact opposite.You may already be familiar with a groundbreaking idea discovered with this technique. The idea belongs to the Maestro himself, Nassim Taleb, Antifragility.

Before Nassim Taleb came around, people believed the opposite of fragile to be robust. Something either breaks, or it doesn't, when exposed to chaos. But Taleb noticed that this does not cover scenarios, where something gets stronger, the more it is exposed to volatility. The requirement here is that something needs to be robust, before becoming antifragile.

This idea alone has changed the way people perceive and assess risk. Even as many, according to Taleb himself, continue to be fooled by randomness.

So where does this leave humanity in regards to AI?

This technique is one of many. One that may become easier to explore in the future, with the help of AI. Or perhaps it is one that AI will learn to wield itself to discover outlier scenarios.

Embracing the Uncharted Future

Moving forward, and into the future, the your creativity needs to be set the on fire. Not just sparks, you need flames, big roaring flames to unleash the sleeping giant within. Least AI will leave you gnawing at your own ghastly existence as a mere ghosts in the shell.

And that... is the biggest challenge... in the Age of AI.

This isn't just a tech-savvy world, but one where the sparks of creativity become the wildfire of invention. Are you prepared to challenge your thought boundaries and embark on an intellectual odyssey like no other?

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