Unlocking the Future of Education: The Intersection of AI and Interactive Experiences

Unleash the transformative power of AI in reshaping education: explore how we can turn video games into personal tutors, unlocking limitless potential while navigating unprecedented challenges

Unlocking the Future of Education: The Intersection of AI and Interactive Experiences
A virtual reality video game that combines action RPG elements with math education - Powered by MidJourney AI

NVIDIA recently unveiled a game-changing technology, the Avatar Cloud Engine. By using generative AI, it's giving a non-player character its own personality and backstory. The character can then interact with the player, moving beyond any prewritten script. A new level of immersion, that we have never had before.

This technology could be the key in addressing a significant crisis of our era: the Education Crisis.

The issue at the heart of today's education is that it continues to follow an outdated system. The most at risk jobs are decision makers and knowledge workers. Soon AI will be superior to humans in these roles, and in many cases it already is. We're teaching children obsolete skills that could lead them to lose out.

Already we have teachers complaining about children using AI to "cheat". What is missed here, is that in the meantime, these children build skill in using AI. And regulation cannot resolve this dilemma. There's only so many regulators and teachers, all of whom are paid. There's an even larger amount of determined and curious children, interested in demolishing barriers set before them.

For children to flourish in the future, they must embrace the values of determination, craft, and mastery. In an ironic twist, video games might be the unlikely candidate to do just that. Addressing this issue could also mitigate several socio-economic challenges.

Now, let's explore how this could work.

Imagine an AI, engineered to learn from and adjust to the player's actions. Let's say the AI spots a knowledge gap in the player's understanding. When the player encounters an unfamiliar word. Instead of explaining, the AI can educate the player through immersive storytelling. It could create a story within the game's universe to teach the player topics like math, physics, or essential life skills.

Instead of learning religion from a teacher, you'd learn it from Jesus or Buddha. Instead of learning about electro-magnetism from a teacher, you'd learn it from Nikola Tesla. Instead of learning about the Battle of Troy from a book, you'd learn it by being a foot-soldier, fighting shoulder to shoulder with Achilles himself. And you can do all this, in a multiplayer action role-playing game, with your friends.

While learning all these things, you do this in the framework of learning teamwork, and building stronger bonds with other people. A new way to teach tolerance, not by explaining it, but by giving people a chance to work together towards a common goal with complete strangers or close friends.

In this world personal tutors could be a reality for everyone. A tutor attuned to their specific needs and level of knowledge.

After centuries of educational efforts, we now have the tools to help each child excel. If everyone were to be tutored like this, when compared to 100 years ago, we would have a planet of genius super-humans. Educated, wise and masters of the crafts.

But to circle back to the matter of the polycrises highlighted by the World Economic Forum. It becomes evident that the solution to many of the crises, would be easier to solve with the advent of personal AI tutors.

We could liberate significant portions of government budgets tied up in traditional education. Furthermore we would free new human resources to help tackle other pressing issues. And with an entire generation of students trained at elite levels, we would be far better equipped to handle present and future crises.

As generative AI becomes an integral part of our daily lives, we have a future teeming with opportunities before us. This is more than technological evolution, it represents a shift in our approach to learning and personal growth.

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